Silage Science

Next starting in January 2019

This module will develop your knowledge of modern forage and grain ensilage systems, giving you the skills to integrate recent research into your work. It will examine: silage evaluation; fermentation; microbiology; inoculant development; pathogen transfer; and food safety. Although its focus will be on pasture-based systems, processes for grain and non-arable crops will be described and evaluated.

The module’s units consist of:

  • Fundamentals of silage production - an overview of the ensiling process and an assessment of the environmental impact of silage production.
  • Silage biochemistry and analysis - a detailed look at the biochemical changes that occur during the ensiling process.
  • Silage microbiology - an overview of the key microbes responsible for ensiling and an examination of contamination by undesirable microbes.
  • Silage additives - evaluation of the different additives and their appropriate use.
  • Silage harvest and storage - the technology of harvesting and an examination of storage and sealing options and on-farm silage analysis.
  • Ensiling grass-based forage- an assessment of grassland management and grazing systems for pastures destined for ensiling.
  • Ensiling maize – maize cultivation and harvest, crimped maize and ensiled maize products, maize breeding and listing.
  • Ensiling alternative forages - the challenges of ensiling legumes, including red clover and whole crop cereals.
  • Future developments in silage - an exploration of ‘the next big things’ in silage science.

 Contributing Lecturers: Rhun Fychan, Dr Dylan Philips, Prof Jamie Newbold, Dr Iwan Owen, Dr Sue Lister, Dr Graham Brand, Helen Mathieu, Andy Strzelecki, Dr Sharon Huws.

Student Comment: "... I can discuss forage analysis better and see where things could have potentially gone wrong to hopefully aid in helping farmer produce better forage for following year.”   Lucy West, Consultant

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