Ruminant Health and Welfare

This module has been postponed until next year due to the tutor's health

Distance Learning begins September 2018.

This course draws on the expertise of Aberystwyth University and the Royal Veterinary College, Wales. The first half of this module will cover the general legislation and management of ruminant health and welfare across the three sectors of dairy, beef and sheep. The second half will offer you the choice of which of these sectors you will be assessed on. Depending on which sector you choose you will cover the latest research on those diseases of most concern and will look at how welfare is measured and could be improved in that sector.

The structure of the module is:

  • Controlling diseases in the UK – a general overview of how diseases are reported and controlled in the UK; biosecurity and eradication schemes.
  • Basic principles of nutrition – a general overview of ruminant nutrition; how the rumen can be managed.
  • Animal welfare in the UK – current animal welfare regulations and how they have developed over the years.
  • Methods of control – the development of drug and vaccines; the development of diagnostics.

Within the following units you may specialise in either dairy, beef or sheep as your area of assessment:

  • Measuring welfare – the main welfare challenges.
  • Improving welfare – the latest research and ideas helping improve the overall welfare of animals.
  • Economically significant diseases – the latest research findings regarding major economically significant diseases.
  • Diagnosis - the latest research findings; diagnostic tools.
  • Methods of control – current technology and research ideas for existing and new controls.
  • Challenges of the future – future health and welfare.

Contributions from: Dr Neil MacKintosh, Dr Mike Rose, Dr Ian Chalmers, Dr Russ Morphew, Dr Neil Paton (Welsh Regional Veterinary Centre), Hannah Bishop (Welsh Regional Veterinary Centre), Hazel Wright (Farmer’s Union of Wales), Prof Christoph Winkler (BOKU, Vienna), Fiona Lovatt (Flock Health Ltd), Professor David Main (University of Bristol).

Student Comments:

"We have altered our replacement sourcing within the suckler herd as a result of the Tb learning, we've also started testing incoming replacements for BVD"   Mark Jelley, Farmer

"I feel more informed and confident in my abilities. I am enjoying my job more having completed this module."   Gemma Hancock, Orion Farming Group

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