Research Methods

Starts each January and July

Compulsory for MSc schemes, MRes and Professional Doctorate

This module is compulsory for anyone intending to undertake a full MSc or who has been accepted for a research degree (Research Masters or Professional Doctorate). It runs twice a year for five months. The additional length of the module is to allow you the time to work with your supervisor in developing the research proposal for your MSc, MRes or Doctoral research. You will be registered on this module at either Aberystwyth or Bangor University, depending on your preferred research area. It is therefore essential that you discuss your research ideas with the ATP team in order for us to match you up with a suitable supervisor and determine which version of the module will be best for you.

This module will provide a framework for developing your research skills in the context of your own research question. The ATP will pair you up with a supervisor whose research field is in your area of interest and your supervisor will then guide you as you develop your ideas. Alongside evolving your own research ideas you will develop skills in:

  • Principles of research design
  • Conducting scientific literature reviews
  • Looking at the wider context of your research
  • Ethical considerations in research
  • Statistics
  • Evaluating and planning data collection
  • When to use qualitative, quantitative and/or spatial analytical approaches

The module will culminate with you designing a research proposal, in collaboration with your employer and supervisor, which you can use as the basis of your dissertation or thesis.

Existing ATP students please email us at Distance Learner

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