Global Food Security

Available from January 2019

Compulsory for the MSc in Food Security in a Changing Climate

This module takes a global perspective on food systems and food security, and aims to equip students with the ability to fully understand global food systems and their role in providing food security, and to be able to critically assess existing and future pressures and solutions. A range of diverse factors are coming together to affect the global food system, and after describing the various food systems globally, different definitions of food security, and how these are evolving, the module will look at these drivers.

The module’s units are:

  • Introduction to food security and food systems: definitions and evolution of the concept of food security; outline of pressures on food security.
  • Basics: photosynthesis and crop productivity; soil, water and nutrients; introduction to cropping systems.
  • Drivers affecting the food system – part 1: demographic change; dietary transition; governance.
  • Drivers affecting the food system – part 2: climate change, resource competition; consumer values and ethics.
  • Sustainably balancing supply and demand- part 1: need for multiple interventions; improving productivity using existing knowledge; improving productivity using new knowledge.
  • Sustainably balancing supply and demand- part 2: reducing waste; improving governance; influencing demand.
  • Addressing volatility: demand, production and prices; future volatility; policy decisions
  • Ending hunger: causes of hunger; making agriculture work harder (sustainable intensification); broader measures.
  • Diets and nutrition: how much do we eat/need? nutrition, health and disease; food and culture.
  • Famine: historical context, recent famines, preventing famine.

Contributions from: Dr Phil Hollington, Dr Katherine Steele, Dr Neil Mackintosh, Professor Tim Lang (City University) and others.

student comment; "...favourite module so far.....”   Karen Fisher, Agronomist

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