Climate Change

Next start date September 2017

Compulsory for the MSc in Food Security in a Changing Climate

This module provides a detailed assessment of the current state of knowledge on climate change – the science, its impacts, adaptation and mitigation, and crucially how it is perceived by the public. After an introduction to the science and to the effects of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere it will assess how the climate has changed historically, and look at recent predictions for future change. As climate change will impact upon UK food security both directly and indirectly (through effects elsewhere in the world) a global perspective will be taken. Methods for agriculture to adapt to the consequences of, and mitigate its effect on, climate change will be discussed.

  • The module’s units include:
  • Introduction to climate change - the science
  • Historical and predicted future changes: IPCC 5
  • Impacts of food systems on climate change – emissions from cultivation, fertilizer production and use, deforestation and animal husbandry
  • Assessing the impacts of climate change on agriculture and land use
  • Adaptation of global food systems to climate change: industrialised and non-industrialised systems
  • Evaluating measures to reduce greenhouse emissions from agricultural production: strategic and technical
  • Climate change in public perception
  • Current and future drivers of climate change mitigation in agriculture

Contributors: Dr Phil Hollington, Dr Dave Styles, Prof Dave Chadwick and others.

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